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Hello, I enjoy welding, writing and exploring the forests and woods. Though newgrounds doesn't have anywhere to post literature I have taken the liberty of posting a site to my DA where all my stories are stored.

Marceline Arnett @XxCreativeThoughtxX

25, Female

Writer, welder

Graduated from Arts and Tech

Camano Island, Washington

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Marceline here! Just letting you know that we hope your lives are happy and bright with the aftermath of the holidays! We hope that the artists and authors of Newgrounds are thriving with their amazing works and the knowledge that Mark and Marceline are the same person. Because if you didn't know that you would probably think that I was having an affair and that would be horrendous. Anyway, just thought I'd drop in and let you know that regardless of what you plan on doing for your New Year's Resolutions that you should be happy with yourself. 

You are a gift, a wonder, a lovely being of nature! That nobody should tell you that you're any less than who you are and what you love to do. If someone doesn't like what you do then tell them to Fuck Off. It's your art, your words and only yours. Nobody has the right to dictate what you do and what you say. For those who are like me, (All fine and dandy until someone yells at you) Just take it slow, console yourself and try to keep a straight face. There is no shame in crying, it's natural and the feelings will eventually pass.

So, to the entirety of Newgrounds or to the small circle of it I possess, I just want you all to know that you are loved and that nobody should bring you down. On a more sensitive note suicide should not be the answer. I know how it feels to give up or want to do self harm that's irreversible and may put you in the hospital. But, there is hope in time and friends. I know what that was like... In the summer of 2013 I tried to take my life. I felt alone and like nothing was ever going to go right for me. The girl I had been chasing (and briefly dated) had run back to her abusive boyfriend, crushing me. So, I broke and began cutting. To this day I still have scars and yes, they are prominent. At the very last I decided I was going to end it all. One day I took some rope and tied it around my neck and pulled tightly. Thankfully, though I didn't know it at the time, I could only make it to the point where my head would be throbbing and tighten up. I was so mad at myself at that point. But, then I met my Fiancee (a complete stranger at the time) after realizing that all year I had been attracted to her and took a chance. At the end of the year I hung out with her and in July asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend (though she was the one who took the words out of my mouth because I was so shy) and from there I decided that never again I would try to take my life. For three years now we have been together and though we've had our downs there have been more than enough ups. So to those who are feeling that there is no way out I beg of you to seek help and maybe even go out of your way to do something you wouldn't normally do. You never know what might come of it.


Marceline Danielle Arnett

(1/2/16 (because we all know that there will be those like myself who still think it's '15)

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