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Entry #2

Some kind words <3

2016-01-03 03:07:11 by XxCreativeThoughtxX


Mark and Marceline here! Just letting you know that we hope your lives are happy and bright with the aftermath of the holidays! We hope that the artists and authors of Newgrounds are thriving with their amazing works and the knowledge that Mark and Marceline are the same person. Because if you didn't know that you would probably think that I was having an affair and that would be horrendous. Anyway, just thought I'd drop in and let you know that regardless of what you plan on doing for your New Year's Resolutions that you should be happy with yourself. 

You are a gift, a wonder, a lovely being of nature! That nobody should tell you that you're any less than who you are and what you love to do. If someone doesn't like what you do then tell them to Fuck Off. It's your art, your words and only yours. Nobody has the right to dictate what you do and what you say. For those who are like me, (All fine and dandy until someone yells at you) Just take it slow, console yourself and try to keep a straight face. There is no shame in crying, it's natural and the feelings will eventually pass.

So, to the entirety of Newgrounds or to the small circle of it I possess, I just want you all to know that you are loved and that nobody should bring you down. On a more sensitive note suicide should not be the answer. I know how it feels to give up or want to do self harm that's irreversible and may put you in the hospital. But, there is hope in time and friends. I know what that was like... In the summer of 2013 I tried to take my life. I felt alone and like nothing was ever going to go right for me. The girl I had been chasing (and briefly dated) had run back to her abusive boyfriend, crushing me. So, I broke and began cutting. To this day I still have scars and yes, they are prominent. At the very last I decided I was going to end it all. One day I took some rope and tied it around my neck and pulled tightly. Thankfully, though I didn't know it at the time, I could only make it to the point where my head would be throbbing and tighten up. I was so mad at myself at that point. But, then I met my Fiancee (a complete stranger at the time) after realizing that all year I had been attracted to her and took a chance. At the end of the year I hung out with her and in July asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend (though she was the one who took the words out of my mouth because I was so shy) and from there I decided that never again I would try to take my life. For three years now we have been together and though we've had our downs there have been more than enough ups. So to those who are feeling that there is no way out I beg of you to seek help and maybe even go out of your way to do something you wouldn't normally do. You never know what might come of it.

Mark "Marceline" Arnett.
1/2/16 (because we all know that there will be those like myself who still think it's '15)


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2016-01-03 03:52:37

I am glad that you pulled through your tough times and even found your 'silver lining'.You're right,what is the use of pain when it's short-term and does not get rid of the cause.All it does is worsen it and even deny the chance of seeing the light of tomorrow.Life is the answer and well,since we are all live once and time moves quickly,why not make the best and most of it?It's tragic to think that some people could not be reached out in time and they ended up cutting short their lives..Well,sir,you're an inspiration and I wish you and your partner all the best in having a beautiful future!God bless!

-An 'old' hermit and Newgrounder

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

Thank you very much. Why not as you say make the most of the time we have here? Share our experiences? Every one of us has the opportunity to be great and some of us have a harder time seeing it. Sometimes you need someone else to show you your true worth or look in the mirror and say to yourself "I am powerful, I am strong and I am not going to let people push me around. This is my life!"

I see things this way: The personality you have is one you can alter any way you see fit, screw what other people think. In my experience, the way you are attracts people who are just like you. Whereas that may be bad often times it's a good thing because you could be what makes or breaks a person and those occurances oftentimes create lifelong relationships.

I'm sorry for going on and on. I hope that you have the best of 2016 and every year to come. That life is kind to you and if it's not, then that you'll have someone there for you. You are strong, remember that and know your self worth and the tremendous strength lying inside of you!

Mark "Marceline" Arnett.


2016-01-03 04:58:09

A good, and strong, message to start the new year. Best wishes for everything

Massimiliano Ciullo - Ciullo Corporation

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

Thank you.
I hope every year before and after the new year is filled with hope, love and forgiveness because you never know how many you have left. You never know who the next person to light up your life may be and the ones surrounding you should celebrate each other everyday. I wish you every happiness and the best of life.

Thank you again,

Mark "Marceline" Arnett


2016-01-03 09:18:27

As an introvert,I mostly get a mostly negative response from other people and the rest just got used to it.Silence is golden,so what hurtful words they say,I've learnt to ignore.

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

That's good, you've got thicker skin and less can hurt you. But that doesn't mean they should say mean things against you. I understand that we can't control everything anyone says and that a lot of it should be ignored but some things go too far.

There's nothing wrong with being a lone wolf, you do things in your own time and prefer it on your own. You're your own best friend and that's great. I hope your life goes well and that perhaps sometime people will see the amazing things you've got bundled inside of you and if not then it's their loss.


2016-01-03 20:19:30

Wow,that's one of the nicest things I've ever heard someone say to me,thanks!You know,as much as I hate to say it,everyone has a good side,both friend and enemy,sometimes it takes more time and work to see it.

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

EXACTLY! There is good in EVERYONE! Though you may not see it as you said! You're very welcome and I hope that your year and every year afterward comes as a great joy to you! Let your friends and family guide you but allow some room for your heart as well because some decisions can only be made by you and you alone.


2016-01-04 08:34:10

So it's like http://cdn-media-1.lifehack.org/wp-content/files/2014/08/quote-Ralph-Waldo-Emerson-do-not-go-where-the-path-may-1-106067_4.png ?

If you don't mind me asking but who is that lady in your profile picture?You don't have to answer if it's personal...

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

A very inspirational quote by a remarkable man. Why not take the road less traveled or in his sense, make your own? Sometimes the best things are ones that other's haven't seen yet.

Actually, I think you'd be surprised. That woman is me! My alter ego is named Marceline and I thought to post a picture. It's not personal, It's something I love to do and a part of who I am.

I hope you have a wonderful day which will turn into a wonderful year!


2016-01-04 20:07:08

Thank you very much,mam!You too are an inspiration.

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

You're welcome, sir. I hope that your year goes very well not only for you but for those around you!

Speaking of which, I am actually a Gentleman. I am a Transvestite; I enjoy wearing women's clothes and my alter ego is named Marceline.

But thank you for the compliment. <3


2016-01-05 08:54:56

Dang it,I'm so sorry about that!I should have asked first,how foolish of me...

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

You're completely fine, never beat yourself up over a question. You now what the old saying is: The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.


2016-01-05 20:37:50

Never heard of that one,thanks!Sometimes,it just feels that I shouldn't have asked at all...Are you still studying or already working?

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

Neither did I, haha! At least not until I went to work alongside an older couple who ran a mom and pop shop.
I'm not certain why you feel you shouldn't have asked?
I'm trying to work but I wan to get back into Welding. What about you?


2016-01-06 00:03:50

Looks like things going to heat up for you,eh?(wink)Well,I could say I'm working for now because I'm waiting to apply for a school.

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

(Smirks) Aye, welding gets metal red and white hot. I've pushed the limits before and I'll gladly do it again!

Oh? What type of school are you applying for?


2016-01-07 19:53:57

Arts,I think.It's the subject that I'm least bored in.Ooh,that sounds like tough work but I wish you all the best!I forgot to ask how were your holidays(Christmas and New Year)?

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

Very nice! You'll be able to project your ideas and dream onto paper and show the world! I wish you all the best as well!
Nah, not really (heh) Just have to know what you're doing and be serious when you work; it's all well and good to goof around when you're NOT about to throw sparks and lay down a bead. You turn your attention away once or don't observe your surroundings you could blind, maim, incinerate or kill someone.
My Christmas was good, spent it with my mother and sister. Her fiance came over so we all had fun killing AI in CODBOII and new years was pretty slow.
How was yours?


2016-01-08 08:28:15

Thanks a lot,heh,I wish I was good enough to do that but I've got my thousand miles to go!Hmm,that sounds like those guys in my army camp except that well,we get human pancakes or lose some 'parts' if we're not careful.I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself,send my regards to your family!It's the same for me every year,spending some quiet time with my family.

XxCreativeThoughtxX responds:

And comfort filled with joy to yours!
Yuck, so you went through boot camp? I hope that everything went well (I got some bad ideas from watching 'Full Metal Jacket') but as long as you're ok that's all that should really matter.


2016-01-09 21:10:25

Haha,thank goodness I made it then but really,at its worst,the work(and punishments) can be so stressful,it can really drive me crazy in the first few months of work.I didn't know how but I got used to it and 'took everything like a man',though I was one of the youngest there and it's funny that I didn't get that idea from a movie this time.Must have been a military thing,I guess.It wasn't bad as you might think as I found out that the place and its people were really nice if you were careful not to screw up.My colleagues were like trolls sometimes but still,if I think about it,you put a bunch of 20-ish year old youths in a serious place like that,then it would be no surprise that we still did wacky stuff there even if there were superiors around.I can say the army does change people but boys will still be boys.