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Entry #1

Hello again, Newgrounds. Isn't starting over lovely?

2015-10-05 15:32:51 by XxCreativeThoughtxX


My name is Mark Arnett, this is my second time joining newgrounds. My first account was deleted so I made this one. Now hopefully I can earn back all the awards I lost. Allow me to introduce myself:

If you're like me, you enjoy tinkering with things and/or taking them apart to perhaps put them back together in a different way? I enjoy welding, writing, video games, crossdressing, dressing up and being silly.

I love newgrounds, it's original and a lot of the people and things you find here are that way as well, throughout the time I've spent here some have really stuck with me and others have unfortunately left us.  I applaud the people who know how to draw, my Fiancee is one of them and I applaud those who are able to make flash games and movies. To the people like myself I wish you luck and hope your arts and/or crafts are celebrated, Literature is sometihng we simply cannot do without as well. If you wish to ask me anything feel free but I don't do NSFW or 'dirty questions'. I am a Transvestite and fully support the LGBT.

Thank you,

Mark (Marceline) Arnett


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